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Updated 2019-09-13

When you visit SwedesInAustralia.com you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Terms of Service

  1. Who is behind this site? The site SwedesInAustralia.com is published by the company Liljeqvist Solutions Pty Ltd, owned by Swedish-Australian Anders Liljeqvist. The site is operated by Anders Liljeqvist and a team of volunteers and freelancers.
  2. We can change these terms. Anders Liljeqvist and SwedesInAustralia.com retain the right to at any time change or amend these terms. Any changes will be clearly published here on SwedesInAustralia.com.
  3. Contact Information. If you have any questions or comments regarding these terms or the site, you are welcome to contact us via email at hello [at] swedesinaustralia.com.
  4. Kontaktinformation. Om du har frågor eller kommentarer kring denna policy är du välkommen att kontakta oss på e-post via hello@swedesinaustralia.com.
  5. Limitation of Liability. Although we have done our best to avoid mistakes when publishing this site, we cannot promise that all information is correct, complete, and up to date. You agree to not hold Anders Liljeqvist and the team behind SwedesInAustralia.com liable for any damages that may be incurred from you acting on the incorrect information obtained via this website, any related sites, or any of our published books.
  6. We are not responsible for your mistakes. You are alone responsible for your own travel planning, and should double check all important information with the related government departments, companies, or organisations before travelling to Australia. This is particularly important in relation to making sure that you follow the ever changing Australian visa rules.
  7. Copyright. Any article comments (blog comments) on this site are licenses under Creative Commons 2.5 (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/se). All editorial content (articles, photographies, illustrations) is not licenses but is owned by Liljeqvist Solutions Pty Ltd. You have no right to reproduce this content without written approval from Anders Liljeqvist and Liljeqvist Solutions Pty Ltd.
  8. Transparency. SwedesInAustralia.com is a company with the intention of generating revenue to cover its operating costs. To that end, you should be aware of the following:
    a) Every page on this site incurs a cost and is a potential source of revenue for Anders Liljeqvist who has created and continues to operate this site with his savings. Operating this website and producing all content is not free.
    b) To finance the site’s operations, every page and post can be used to link to products, services, and offers from third-party companies and organisations. As part of this, a commission payment may be paid to SwedesInAustralia.com as thanks for us referring new business to the third party,
    c) SwedesInAustralia.com will never link to or recommend an offering that we are not convinced is of interest and potential value to readers of the site.

Privacy Policy

We care about information security and privacy, and do our best to make sure that any personal information that you share with us does not fall into the wrong hands. Below we summarise how we work with and do our best to maintain information security.

  1. How we handle personal information. We collect no personal information about you unless you actively transmit it to us by sending us email or by filling out a form (e.g. making an order in our online store or posting a comment). The information we gather consists of:
    a) Order information from our online store, including delivery information. We use third party payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal to handle all payment details, so we will never see any of your financial information such as your credit card number.
    b) Email: we store a copy of all emails sent and received.
    c) Comments: we store a copy of all blog comments received.
    d) Visitor logs: we store visitor logs that record at what time a certain computer (IP address) visited one of our pages.
  2. How we handle anonymous information. We want to be able to analyse our visitor numbers and how our visitors interact with the site so that we can improve our services. We use Google Analytics for this service. Google Analytics use cookies that it collects (not us) to create aggregate reports of the number of visitors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The sole purpose of us collecting this information is for us to be able to tune the content and structure of the site, and we never use it to track individual users. For more information about how Google Analytics use visitor data, read more at this link (support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en).
  3. How we protect your information. We do our best to secure all information against unauthorised access.
    a) Information you send to us is either stored with our hosting provider Dreamhost (dreamhost.com), in our email system c/o Google (gsuite.google.com), on our back-up servers c/o Vaultpress.com (vaultpress.com), and on encrypted and password protected hard drives locked up at our offices in Sydney.
    b) All communication with you and our web servers is encrypted using SSL.
    c) Our servers are housed in secure data centres, and are regularly patched with the latest system and application patches to reduce the risk of there being security holes open for attackers to abuse.
  4. Erase your information with us. To prevent us gathering any visitor information about you, you should block third-party cookies in your web browser.
  5. Information about minors. We do not consciously gather any information about minors. If you think that we have inadvertently done so, please contact us and we will do our best to delete the relevant data.
  6. Sharing information with third parties. We will never share your information with third parties unless:
    a) You expressly request us to,
    b) A police department in either the EU, Australia, or the U.S.A. request that we hand over information in order to prevent or investigate a crime,
    c) We believe that it is essential that the information is shared in order to prevent a crime or harm to someone,
    d) Someone breaks our terms of service and we need to file a law suite with their information attached.